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Roc-lon® Roc-rol™
Window Shade Cloth

Roc-lon® Roc-rol™
Window Shade Cloth

Cloth Front/Cloth Back–100% Blackout

Pattern: Solid Colors


The Roc-lon® TLC™ Division of Rockland has done it once again! We're the leading market with innovative, fashionable, and affordable solutions to: eliminate light, reduce noise, provide privacy and insulation.

Our Blackout Roc-rol® Shade Cloth has the same 100% blackout quality found in Roc-lon® Blackout fabrics. This fabric shade cloth can be used for: roller, clutch, motorized shades, panels, or pleated shades. 

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For further information on Roc-rol® Window Shade Cloth, please contact Darlene Sanders, Product Manager at 1-800-876-2566 x1275 or email dsanders@roc-lon.com
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