Helpful Hints
Cleaning Instructions
Helpful Hints:

6 Tips To Minimize Needle-Holes When Sewing 2-Pass and 3-Pass Blackout Drapery Linings:

  1. Use a straight stitch.
  2. Use a maximum of 5 to 6 stitches per inch.
  3. Use a Mercerized COTTON or a Texturized Polyester THREAD when sewing
    Blackout lining - these threads tend to plug up needle-holes.
  4. Use a Teflon Needle - Teflon needles will not heat up as much as others. (excessive heat can cause bigger holes).
  5. Use Loose Tension - this eliminated making oval shaped holes in
    Blackout while sewing.
  6. Use a “French seam ” or “over-lap stitch” to eliminate needle-holes on seam
    stitches. These types of stitches work wonders and provide a “custom look”
    to the finished drapery.

Flame Retardant Testing of Drapery Lining Fabric:

Commercial customers purchasing any Roc-lon® Flame Resistant (FR) product will receive a Certificate of Flame Resistance containing specific product information and certifying that the product has been tested and meets the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-701) Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Resistant Textiles and Films (2004 Edition). Non commercial users may obtain a copy of the certificate upon request.


California Test Method T-19 Small Scale Test:

All Roc-lon® Flame Resistant (F.R.) products are tested annually and meet the requirements of the State of California’s Fire Resistance Test Section 1237.1.  A copy of the certification is available to customers upon request.

For questions or more information, please call Rockland Industries, Inc.
at 1-800-876-2566 or fax 1-410-522-2545 or email


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